Video transcription

Hello! I’m Stephany of Stephany’s Simply Sewing. Do you remember at the beginning of our segment when I said, “We can get this out, but how are we going to get it back in the envelope?” It seems to expand once you take it out. Well, you can fuss with it or you can do what I do. I take all of my pieces and then I simply insert them into a regular bag, a commercial bag that has a pressed closed top, put my directions and instructions in there, and then when I put my pattern envelope in there I put my pattern envelope so it shows through the bag. I can then squeeze the top shut. I like to swish a little bit of the air out of it so it stores a little bit flatter. That way you don’t have to fuss with trying to make it fit back in the envelope, and all of your pieces stay together and you can still refer to the front of your pattern so you know what’s in there. That’s kind of a good way to store your patterns and not be frustrated with you refolding them to get them back in the envelope.