Video transcription

Hello! I’m Stephany from Stephany’s Simply Sewing. I’d like to show you how we attach our collar to our collar stand. Sometimes it’s called a collar band. What I have here is the collar that we have assembled previously with our topstitching. I went ahead and basted the thing together so that we didn’t have any loose layers to slip and slide. This is one collar band, here’s the other and my interfacing. As you can tell, I’ve marked my dots. What I want to do is match this dot right here with the edge of my collar. One way to check that is just to kind of poke a pin through and see how close you are. This is going to go over the top of that, and once again, you’re going to match those dots. This is why we transfer those markings, to help us get the collars even on both sides. I’m going to pin my collar stand and I have my interfacing, my collar stand, my collar in the middle, and then I have the other collar stand on top. I pin across, I want to make sure that all those layers are layered together and even. We will be grading these seams again, because it is quite thick. But first let’s go ahead and get it sewn together. As you can tell, I have it pinned and I’m going to begin sewing here and sew across to approximately the middle. You might wonder why I sew towards the middle, and that is because the drag under the thing on your presser foot will make it uneven. That is how we attach a collar stand to our collar for the first part.