Video transcription

Hello! I’m Stephany from Stephany’s Simply Sewing. I’d like to show you how to cut out your pattern and fabric once you’ve got it pinned out. One thing you need to think about when you’re pinning and when you’re cutting is which line you want to cut on. In this case, I want to cut on the one extra large line. I have a pair of dress making sheers with about an 8-inch blade, and this enables me to make nice smooth cuts along the fabric. The other thing you’d want to note when you’re cutting is these notches. They appear as little triangles, and as we know, these help assemble your garment. Some triangles are single and you also have some that are double. There are 2 ways to handle this when you’re cutting your fabric. The first way when you’re cutting is when you approach a triangle, or a notch as they’re called, you can cut out like that. This leaves this small triangle on your fabric that you can match up. When you’re cutting it’s important to be sure that you take smooth cutting strokes, and it’s also important to know that your fabric is not hanging off your surface. If your fabric is hanging off your table or your cutting surface, it will distort your fabric and your pattern pieces. Generally, I like to do my long cuts first, which would be the long straight ones. Again, as I approach a notch I simply cut out. Once you’ve separated a pattern piece from the rest of your fabric, you can certainly rotate your piece like this. That enables you to take advantage of the shortness and your reach, and you’re not cutting around an awkward angle. That is how you cut out a pattern piece.