Video transcription

So now that I have chosen the decorative paper that I am going to use, I have chosen a very pretty gold color with the leaves and flowers on it. I am going to show you how we are going to have to cut it to size. We don't want to be too big. We don't want it to be too small. Basically we are going to cut it to about one and a half times size of the basket. So you would measure one and then about another half and then you take the paper and you take your scissors, you try to cut it as straight as you possibly can like this. Okay. And then you take the paper and we put it in so that it will fit. If you see it fits around the basket and we stuff it in a little bit to make sure that again we don't want chocolates or candies or nuts or whatever it is we are putting to be able to fall in over here. So we try to stuff it so it fits into all off the sides and A it's going to look pretty, beautiful actually and B it's going to stop the chocolates and nuts and dried fruit that we are putting in from falling out. Now if you notice I did leave a little bit of a over hang on all of the sides and that way when the person who gets the basket obviously this part is going to be covered with food and they are not going to see this part necessarily that's hanging out on all sides they will see and it is going to add a beautiful touch to the basket. And we will show you afterwards when we get to that part after the food is in how to make sure right in the right place.