Video transcription

Once your grout is mixed, you can take your mask off. You want to let it sit for about five minutes. It's called slaking and it's important part of the grout process. Once it's set for five minutes, you can use a damp kitchen sponge to scoop up some grout and start applying it to your mosaic. Remember, you have grout joints going in every direction, so you want to try and go around in circles, back and forth, all different directions so you get grout in all of your joints. Don't forget the outsides as well. You'll see lots of extra grout on the top of your tiles, that's perfect. We're going to clean that up in a few minutes. But for now, just let it sit there. Really take the time to go back and forth over the whole thing to make sure that you get grout into all the little grout lines. That looks pretty good.