Video transcription

Now, we'll apply the napkin to the candle first remove the backing of the napkin. Separate those layers until you have just the front layer. We'll just lay the napkin very light right along the edge there, and that's where we'll start. Just adhere with the glue very gently. We'll work our way around the candle. First, we'll do one strip. The tricky part in doing the candles is that eventually you're going to rung out of place to hold it. So if you just hold the top that works pretty well. The same as the glass, just plenty of glue and work your way around the candles. Sort of wrapping the paper around the candle as you proceed. You just keep sort of rubbing the glue and wrapping very slowly around the candle. Okay. Just go around the candle after you finish and just check it. Make sure you got the whole thing. It's nice to be a little wrinkly. If you're gluing it on by using the sort of the motion of pushing it forward and rolling it around. The wrinkles will go in this direction. It gives a nice textured look. Then you want to set it up on something so that it can dry. I'm just going to lean it here on this glass and then we'll do the next one. Here's our set of candles that match our platter. They're dry now. I want to mention here that these are for decorative purposes only, and I wouldn't light them. They're not meant to be lit at all. The paper of course would burn if you lit those candles, but as decorative candles, they're beautiful.