Video transcription

Hi, I'm Karen for Expert Village. Now let's decorate our awake bear face. We use the same placement dots that we measure two inches down and three quarters inch from that center measurement. Instead of embroidering eyes we are going to use some nice awake bear eyes. You can buy these at most craft stores. These are safety eyes they have a disc that clips on in the back and that would hold that securely. Children really can't pull those out. You want to make sure that you get good safety eyes. How you install those is you take the scissors. Take a sharp scissor and just pierce a hole right where we marked where our eyes are going to go. You just want to poke a whole right in there and then insert the eye into the hole. Like that. Then take the backing and just snap that on and you see it snaps on really nice and sturdy and that will not come off. You can use buttons for the bear eyes. But you want to make sure you sew them on very well for if it is going to be for a small child. You can also use paint or markers they have a lot of fabulous products out now that you don't have to do any embroidery at all. You can simply paint the face onto the bear. There is a lot of other options. Just snap this in place nice and sturdy and there is our awake eyes. Now we would embroider the nose and the mouth exactly the same as we did for the sleepy bear. Except we are going to add a little bit of red for the tongue just a little bit.