Video transcription

Okay. And then when you get a good amount of stuffing in there you can pull your threads. Secure the stick to the ground a little better, or to a chair or something to get some pressure. Okay. And push this stuffed and pull your thread at the same time. See, that gathers it up nicely. Now, you want to get your thread into the groove and wrap around. Go all the way around once and keeping pulled tight, you can give it a squeeze to get it pulled tight. I caught a little bit of the mane there. I'm just going to pull that out. Get the thread in the groove holding it taut. Catch some of the fabric. You're going to have to keep holding that rather firm. Put the thread in the groove, go half way around and catch some fabric with the needle pulling it down and tight. Get in the groove again and keep going around like quarter turns and grabbing a little bit of fabric each time. And that will secure the horses head. You want to do this quite a few times. You want that head to be on there good and secure because children have a knack of pulling things apart. So you want them to be good and strong. And keep going around. When I turn it I'm wiggling the threads into the groove. I want the threads to stay in the groove because that's what's going to hold the head down on the stick. Get those wiggled up into the groove. Grab more fabric. Just keep doing this until you get close to the end of your thread. If you've only threaded your needle with a short piece of thread you can knot this and then repeat it. Re-thread your needle and go around until you feel like you've got a good secure head. Okay, I'm going to go around one more time in the groove. Push my thread into the groove and I'm just going to pick a spot to tie a knot. Just catch a little bit of fabric, do a couple stitches and then finish off with a knot.