Video transcription

Now we are going to make the pattern for our horse head. First take your two eight in a half by eleven sheet of papers. Put them together, you can over lap them a little bit if you want and we would tape them together. Then I'm going to give you measurements to mark the points in which we are going to make little dot to dot to make the pattern. So here is our pattern. If you take your ruler and just follow me, we would make the dots and then I show you how to draw the horse head. From the bottom right hand side we are going to measure six inches and make a dot. So from this side, measure in six inches. From that six inch mark, you are going to measure up straight up to five and a half inches and place a dot there. Now let's, we would make this dot. Measure up from the bottom seven and a half inches, draw a light line at seven and a half inches. Then measure from the right side in one inch and put your dot there. So it is seven and a half by one inch. Now we are going up to this dot from the side we are going to measure three inches and just draw a light line. Like that at three inches then measure down from the top one inch and make a dot right on that line that you made. So it's three inches from the side and one inch from the top. Now we are going to measure from the side, from the right side and measure in five and in half inches and put a dot right at the top of the page. Let's go to this dot here, it is going to be from the right side measure nine and a half inches. Put a very light line and then measure down from the top one and three quarter inches. Actually, I'm sorry that is one and a half inches, one and a half inches.