Video transcription

Today we'll be making this terrific hobby horse. It is a traditional toy, it is a horse head on a broom stick. It is a refreshing break from the beeping flashing toys that are so prevalent today. Now I would show you what we would need to make our hobby horse. We would start by making our pattern we would need two pieces of eight and half by eleven paper (8 1/2x11). Some tape to tape that together. A good size ruler and a pencil that is to make our pattern. For the hobby horse stick I used a broom stick that you would need to cut to about two and a half to three feet. Depending on how big you want it. You can also use a wooden dial that you can get a wood store. You would need a saw to do some notches or to cut the broom stick. You may be able to get help with that if you don't have the saw you can get help with that at a home depot or a lumber store. They usually can help you help you out with some thing like that. Okay for the fabric I'm going to be using a fleecy fabric. This is great stuff easy to cut, easy to work with. You can use though for the head of the horse you can really use anything you want. You can use canvas, you can use corduroy, really any kind of fabric that you want. I'm using a little bit of the floral fabric to just to do some contrast on the ears. For the main you can either use a fleecy fabric like this. I would show you how to make the main of the horse with a fleecy fabric. You can choose a yarn to make the main out off. So I would show you the two methods for making the main with a fleecy fabric and with the yarn. Now for the bridal you'll would want to choose some ribbons. Any kind of ribbons that you want and you may want to put some bells on your bridal. I like to use a large bell that is not a choking size. So this is a good size bell. Now for the bridal you might also want to pick up one of these rings. You can plastic ring, a wood ring, or this is a metal ring. Even like a curtain ring, anything would work for the bridal for the bridal attachment. Now for the eyes I'm using safety eyes and they come like this in the craft store, the fabric store and they are actually very good. You snap them in and they are really very difficult to pry open. I don't think a child could ever pry that open. I think you would need a screwdriver to open that. So they are safety eyes, you want to make sure you have tight ones. You can use buttons like this leather button but you want to make sure for young children that you do secure any buttons anything like that nice and tight. So the eyes can be but there are other options here for materials and making this horse. Then we would need some stuffing to stuff the head. We would need some needle and thread and you would also want to have a good strong carpet thread or upholstery thread for attaching the horse head to the stick. You woudl need scissors of course and some pens to hold things together because we are sewing. We are going to be sewing the horse head on the sewing machine but anything that we do here you really can do by hand. You can sew this completely by hand so I do it by a machine cause it is quicker. Okay so I think we got everything let's get started.