Video transcription

Now we're going to finish our neckline by knotting in a coordinating fabric. Cut a piece of coordinating fabric an inch wide and make it fairly long maybe double the length of the neckline and what we're going to do is knot it with the same square knot but we'll carry the extra strip of fabric throughout all the pieces of fringe. So you start with dark over light, dark over light again and pull that through. Now just carry over that coordinating color and go to your next piece of fringe. Go dark over light like this and dark over light. The dark fringe, the poncho fringe, should come down and the coordinating fringe or not fringe but the coordinating strip will kind of just carry over along the neckline. Let's carry it over again with the dark going over the light and again the dark going over the light. Let me do that one more time because it is a little bit more complicated knot because we're carrying over the coordinating color. The dark goes over the coordinating fabric and then you can kind of pull the coordinating fabric back like this and go over it again and through and pull it down and you see how the coordinating color gets carried from one piece of fringe to the next and gets knotted in. Just carry that all the way to the end of the neckline. When you get to the end, you just want to trim that coordinating strip about the same length as your fringe and then turn the piece over and we're going to add a coordinating color to our light side. You can use the same color or you can choose something different. Light over, they're both light purple over blue and purple over blue again and then carry that over to the next piece of fringe, purple over blue and purple over blue. Go all the way down just like we did on the other side.