Video transcription

Hello my name is Jinilee Reavis and I'm a massage therapist here at Veronika's Color Salon and Spa. What we do is lay the client the mommy on here side. We do the whole full body massage on there side, do there arms, do there legs, do there fee and when we have them turn over to the other side. So they are able to get a full body massage on both sides but it is just works for them to have a pillow on there side and pillow through there leg. It helps to support there baby as well depending on how far the mommy is along. But they have pressure, the mommies are able to have pressure and they be able to have a full body massage. It benefits them as much as it would anybody else. Circulation, relaxation, improves immune system, everything that massage applies to the normal person it also applies to our mommy. So it is very beneficial I would recommend. You can also have some massage while you are a mommy as well so you are not able to you know get cut back. Being a mom you can have all the treatments provided just in a different setting laying on your sides verses laying on your stomach and your back.