Video transcription

Sometimes we would like to tell Google to search for similar terms. In other words, we like to put in some search terms and then also tell Google to search for synonyms or similar words to those search terms we put in. Let's see how the results differ when we use the syntax for searching for similar terms. Lets do a search for "happy children" and we see we come up with different results. Here we have images for happy children, and we have some other articles regarding happy children and parents and different books. So that's our results for happy children. Now, let's put in the syntax for the similar terms. We put in the tilda sign before the word "happy"; that's the shift accent key on the top left of the keyboard. Now, it's going to look for similar terms for the word "happy" and I'm going to put at the end a minus sign so that it will exclude the word happy. So, now what I've told Google to do is just look for similar words to the word happy but excluding the actual word happy. So, its only going to be searching for synonyms to happy and of course the word children. And then when I press the search key, now I don't have any results with happy, I have synonyms to happy. Like here we see fun, here we see lucky, different articles that have similar synonym to the word happy but not the word happy itself. This helps us to do searches when we want to do alot of searches on similar search terms and we don't have to keep doing a new search everytime. We can just put in the synonym and it will do all of the similar words in one search.