Video transcription

Let's take a look at the dictionary feature in Google. We can define all kinds of words. There are basically two ways to do searches for definitions. I'll show you both of them and we'll also take a look at the results that we get from each of those searches. They both use the word, the syntax define. But we'll see that we'll get very different results depending on the way that we use that syntax. So, the first way that we're going to use is we're going to put in the word define and we're going to put in a space and we'll put in the word patriot. And we're going to hit the search bar and we see that it returns websites that give us the definition for patriot. These are all websites we can go to and some of them will give us the straight definition of patriot like here we have one that is from and all of these are websites that deal with the definition, but what if we want to get an actual list in the results page different definitions for patriot and will not go to a different website. Therefore, we would use a different, the same word but in a different way. We would write in define without a space put in a colon and again without a space put in the word patriot and we see the results that we get are a little bit different. Here we have an actual list of definitions of the word patriot, and of course we have the website that we can go to see the definition, but if we don't want to we can have the definition come up straight away. The top one is one who loves and defends his or her country which is pretty much the standard definition. But there is a whole bunch of different definitions of the way that the word patriot has been used such as a name of a roller coaster at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri and you can go to the website there and get information about that. So these are all the different definitions of the way the word patriot has been used and this helps us get a more immediate result where we don't have to go to a website to find out the definition.