Video transcription

People working in the financial markets will be happy to see this next tip. We see that Google is also a very powerful currency converter and it's very convenient having it right on your desktop. There are different types of syntax that you can use to do your conversions. If you know the symbol for the currency, like 3.5 US dollars in great Great British pounds and the conversion comes up right away. 3.5 US dollars equals 1.723 and so on British pounds. But you can also do a more simple syntax. You can actually do a search for one dollar in Indian money, and we know that in India they use - the currency is called rupee. But let's say that you didn't know the actual symbol for the Indian rupee, you can just write it in as one dollar in Indian money and you'll get your conversion right on the spot. You could also do another interesting conversion. Let's say you want to convert the average price of gas in another country. So we can put in a price of gas, let's say 2.7 US dollars per gallon and we want to know how much that is in Great British pounds per liter. And so we know that if you're paying 2.7 in dollars per gallon, when we do the search, we see that the same gallon of gas would cost 35 pence in the British pounds per liter. So that's telling you, it's just giving you a comparison. It doesn't mean how much the price of gas really is in pounds, but you can compare what it should be as far as what you are paying in gas per US dollars and you can estimate the cost, how much you're going to be spending in gas where you're over in a different country. So it's using the calculation first to put the 2.7 into the British pounds and also to take the gallons and convert it into liters. So this also a nice little handy conversion tool that you can use when traveling.