Video transcription

Now we're going to attach a piece of string to be used to hang the picture frame. I'm going to attach it in two different places because sometimes we have a picture that runs in a landscape direction and sometimes we have the picture laying in a portrait, it's called a portrait direction, meaning it's either it's standing straight up or laying flat so depending on the picture that we're putting inside we're going to want to change the direction of the picture frame when it's hanging. It's good to take a measurement of the back of the, of the picture frame so you can get the midpoint and that will be where your loop is going to hang. So I'm going to attach one string on the top and I can leave a little bit of a loop hanging over the side and the loop isn't going to be seen because this is the back of the picture frame so it's going to be just sticking up over the, over the edge a little bit and that will give me enough space that if I want to put it, hang it on a screw or a nail or whatever I have some space there to hang it on. And I'm going to do the same thing on the other side of the back just in case I want to hang it from a different direction. Now after I've glued it I'm going to put a piece of masking tape over it, give it more support. So now I have two loops made from two separate strings. One going along the width and one going along the length and therefore I can hang the picture frame in any direction that I want. So now I've shown you how to attach the string which can make a little hanger for our picture frame.