Video transcription

DAVID A. CLEMEN: Okay, now that we've got the centers stapled in there in place, they're not going anywhere, when you're stretching a canvas or a piece of fabric like this, you want to have your centerpieces stapled down. And then, basically, you're taking this excess and stapling down towards the corner. So, on this side, I'm going to put a staple here in the center, but I'm pulling the fabric tight, just like we did in the centerpiece. And I'll do the same, on the opposite side here. And whatever I do to this side, I want to immediately turn whatever I'm working on, and do the opposite side of the frame. It doesn't have to be perfect, but you want to kind of mimic whatever you did on that side to this side, and I'll do the same on the ends. Now, we go here. And you want to put a little pressure when you stretch it, you want to put some weight on so it gets those wrinkles out of there, okay? And that's stretching down to the corners.