Video transcription

Hi I'm Christine Pichini with Expert Village and today I'm going to teach you how to cast on in knitting. First you need to make a slip knot. Take your yarn fold one side over the other and then pull and loop through and you have a slip knot. Take the slip knot and slide it on to one of your needles and pull it taut. Now you are only going to need one needle for this method of cast on. You are going to hold it in your right hand and there will be two ends of yarn. This is the waist yarn and this is your working yarn the side that goes all the way to the ball of yarn. This is what you are going to work with. Hold it in your left hand like this, take your thumb and just slide it under the yarn like that so you have another cross, then dip the needle under that yarn and then pull through. You have just made a stitch. Take your thumb under with the needle and pull. Take the yarn, go under slide the needle under and pull. So here we have four stitches. You just repeat that for as many stitches as the pattern calls for. Obviously, you will have to periodically pull out more yarn from your ball and repeat.