Video transcription

I am showing you a couple of more different yarns that are available out there today. This is a real pretty kind of a round silk combination and you can see its got kind of a gold glitter in it, very very pretty, good for gift giving in the holidays, it is very very nice. This one is very similar, its also a little bit of a shiny yarn. This one rather than having it more evenly spaced out like this you will notice its got like big kind of chunks. Its very pretty made up, its a beautiful yarn and its just very evening wear looking if you wanted to make something like a nice scarf to wear out in the evening or a jacket if you had enough of it. So it is a very very pretty yarn. This one too also has some little sparkles in it again. These are not quiet as many as these, this is a very very thin yarn and it has little flags like on it and you can make it alone and with a very small crochet hook or you can mix it with other yarns and it is beautiful, it brings out the gold and sparkle in the other yarns and it is also very pretty made up. This is a self striping yarn as well as you are able to get it in solid colors. So this one probably doesn't look like it but it is a self striping, it does get a little darker and then a little lighter, it is very very settled. But it is a very pretty yarn and easy to work with. This is hand dyed. The people who make this yarn buy it from a company in Southern California and what they do is they buy all this yarn pure white and then when it comes to their company they have actually over the years created their own dye and what they do is they take all these yarns and they blend like eyelash, metallic, sometimes silk, sometimes angora, wool, nylon and each one is dyed a different color and all different textures are mixed and you have metallics and all sorts of fun things. It makes a beautiful item, it is a very very pretty yarn, it is fun to work with and a little bit costly but a really nice nice yarn. This one here is the ones that we were working with earlier when we were trying all of our different stitches and this is called a self striping yarn. It goes from all these different colors and this particular brand comes in beautiful dark deep jewel colors as well as the lighter pastels and as you can see it just slowly changes over to the next color and if you are doing little squares it makes up something like this.