Video transcription

We are going to do a double crochet stitch now. It is a lot of fun and a very common stitch. You will see it in a lot of items even in the stores. You finish your row of whatever stitch you have been doing. You are going to crochet two chains before you start. Always at the end of the row when you crochet, determining by the stitch that you use, that will determine how many you have to chain. So for a double crochet, you are going to do two chains. So this is and this is counting as my first stitch. We are going to continue now and we are going to start and do a double crochet. When you get to the end of your row of stitches, you are going to chain two and now it is going to be considered your first stitch. So I've chained two right here. Now what you do is wrap around and you are going to go into your chain like so. You are going to wrap around and pull it through and now you will have 3 on the hook. You are going to wrap around pull through two of those and wrap around again coming from the back and pull through 2 more and that is your double crochet. Wrap it around before you put it in, pull through, pull through once more. Now you wrap around and pull through two of the stitches, wrap around and pull through 2 stitches again. This is why it is called a double crochet because you are really kind of doing a single crochet and a single crochet like you did earlier. So you wrap it around, go through, wrap around, have 3 on the hook and pull through 2, pull it through it 2 and there you go. Very easy and very quick. And that is a double crochet. So you just do it like that. It is very easy, very fun and because it is a bigger stitch, whatever item you are making will go a lot faster. Just wrap it around, go through 2, wrap it around go through 2 and just continue on like that.