Video transcription

I am going to be showing you how to do a single crochet. This is a very common stitch used and also very simple to do. We just showed you how to do chain and this is my little roll of chain stitches. When you begin the next row of a single crochet, you are going to chain one extra at the end of the row. That is going to count as your first stitch when you start a new row. To start your next row you are going to do your first single crochet. You are going to in here like so, bring the yarn from behind, wrap it around pull it through and there is your single crochet. Now we are going again with the next little chain link that you made when you made your chain stitches. Bring it up from behind. Wrap it around, two on the hook, wrap around again and pull it through. This is a very simple stitch and it goes very quickly and it is a nice close stitch. So if you are looking for something warm, this will be a good stitch because it is very close together and it keeps you nice and warm. Bring it from behind again and pull it on through and there you go and you just continue to do this again for as long as the pattern tells you. Very simple, very fun. Push it through from behind, bring it through, two on the hook and go ahead and bring it around again and pull it through again and you can see how that looks. Taller than your chain stitch but shorter than the other stitches you will be learning. Okay.