Video transcription

Hey! It's Alana Pratt. I'm your sexy mom expert, and today I want to talk about being silly and how that is sexy. For me, I love dancing and I have a 4 1/2 year old boy. What we like to do is clear off the coffee table, I have a pretty big coffee table, and we get up and we start dancing. One day when we were starting to dance he started to do this little butt dance and I was concerned that this was bad manners etc. He was saying "If you want my body and you think I'm sexy," and I'm mortified. Here's my 4 year old doing Rod Stewart, but instead of trying to do the discipline mom, I said let's just be silly and let go. So the 2 of us on the coffee table doing our little but dance wiggling, wiggling. What this does is it lets my child out and it lets him be playful so that when I do ask him for his manners he really does show up with his good manners. Here's the sexy part, because when my boyfriend walked through the door and saw the 2 of us just dancing on the coffee table. It really turned him on. One; because I look sexy dancing, but two; he's like my woman is alive. She's fully expressed and alive, so I want you to be silly and know that that's sexy.