Video transcription

We are learning about making musical instruments out of everyday objects. Today we are going to learn how to make a oboe double reed. The first that you do is find a straw, then the other thing we are going to need are a pair of scissors. First thing you are going to do is flatten the end. It is not going to flatting all the way but just flatting it out a little bit. Then you are going to cut so it is a point on the end of the straw. So now you have a point on the end of the straw. So lets just see how this sounds without doing anything else to it. You are going to put it in your mouth and you are going to hold it light. You don't squeeze it to tightly, hold it, and you got a nice sound to it. Well not nice but a sound. So the next thing we are going to do is actually cut a couple of holes. So what you want to do is still keep it on the same side where the point is showing. We are going to make a little hole. Again just a little tiny snip. So it is just a very little hole. You could see that then I'm going to cut another little hole. Just a little bit further down. Again I'm using like little tiny triangles into the. Now I have two holes. So I'm going to put my fingers over these two holes and I'm going to put the instrument in my mouth. You could make all kinds of fun noises from this just by wiggling your fingers over the open holes.