Video transcription

Today we are talking about decorating with flowers and right now we are going to be talking about fresh flowers. Right now I am going to give you some little tips about things you can do to make these arrangements that you see. Now this is my little teacup arrangement and all it is, is a little saucer and a teacup made out of bone china and what I have done is I have cut some floral foam to fit into the cup and put the flowers and the greens right in the cup in the green floral foam and this could be a really cute little gift to give somebody. You could give it to your mother or your grandmother or to somebody that may like tea. I have taken some baby rosebuds, some mini carnations, a couple of our nice fire and ice roses and some greens to fill it out. This makes a really cute gift or you can use it in your own home. Use flowers that coordinate with your furniture or your rooms and you have a unique little arrangement to set out.