Video transcription

So we’re working on our outside corner piece here. We’ve got our first piece done. It fits in just like that and you can see now why it is important to measure it from the back of your piece. We would have measured from the front of our piece then our angle would have ended up there and we would have to re-cut so it just would not work that way. So once you have the first piece in, in order to get the other piece just take your tape measure and again here we have a piece of door jamb, so we’re only doing a piece from the length of where the door jamb and the baseboard meet to be long end of the other piece of outside corner. You just put your tape just like that and the outside corner is going to point to the exact measurement that you are going to need. So we need a piece that is exactly 5 and 3/16 long. So we got the other side of our outside corner cut and remember since it is a short piece where we are hitting that door jamb, we want to cut our 15 degree angle on that one side to give it a nice finished look and the 45 on the other side where the corner is itself. Before you do any nailing on either piece, it’s always good to measure it or put it in place, make sure it fits together, fits right in place and it should come out looking just like that. If your walls are not perfectly straight you might have a little bit of a gap on your corner there but it is easily filled with wood filler or caulking, whatever you happen to be working with. At the end we’re going to go ahead and caulk all of our seams so it is no problem, just go ahead and throw some caulking right in the 45 there and just fill it up if it needs to be filled.