Video transcription

Ok so now we're going to remove a one of the bad two by sixes in here. We'll start of by taking the screws out of the board. K so we got the Phillips we're taking out Phillips screws. Generally they will unscrew quite easily or they won't come out at all. Ok so we get the screws out of this and the rest of the deck has nails in it pretty much. You get all the screws out and maybe it'll come up. Ok and then you can see the end of the boards, end of the boards can be rotted. They get moisture in them and go down into your joist here and what I would do would be take the old wood which is still in good shape. Just run it down underneath and scab it onto the side of the joist so that you have a new board just where this is, is just dry rotted out a little bit there. That way you save things without having to destroy everything and make it all new.