Video transcription

In this next clip, I'm going to show you how to white wash over the existing stained furniture. Ok, we're back. I'm just want to show you, I'm going to use an enamel, you could use a pickling stain but it's not as thick and I've done some test coats here and I like this look, this rustic look of it coming through very antique rustic look. Very thick white, that's chipping off an old armoire, that happens to be painted over. That's the look I'm going for. I like the enamel effect better and what I use it just a half a cup of enamel, half and half ratios so whatever you pour in, go half enamel, half water. You're going to have to mix it up because water and the enamel, they don't seem to mix that great, so you have to just sit here and get air and once you get it mixed up, you won't see anymore water. Once you do that, you know you're ready to go. Here's how I do this. This is a one sweep motion. I'm just going to take my rag and I'm going to put an excessive amount, not that much but enough, an excessive amount meaning, right across the top. What I like to do, now, because you have all these nicks, you're going to see how great this looks. When applying, we're just going to get an excessive amount on our, not, like I say, when I say excessive, I just mean right across the top here, that's going to be our guideline. Going with the grain of the furniture, one swiping motion, you're just going to go down. You're going to grab here, from the top, and keep trying to pull it down. See it's great though, all those little nicks now become more apparent and that's the look I'm going to go for, and we're going to get it right there. We're going to do it a little bit more and come straight down, see that? I like it thick like that, see that thickness. I go nice and light now, after I get my first swipe, I'm just going to leave it like that. That's how I want it to dry. I'm going to come down here and just keep going down the thing, I'm going to pull it and pull it up from the top. Always want to go with the same thing, once you get the amount that you want, you can just move on and just leave it like that, to dry. We'll come back and we'll touch stuff up. You don't want to go too thick and you just want to go with a nice light sweep, over the wood, like so. Remember, when doing this, you want to go with nice soft, softly rubbing over this, especially after you get that first coat. Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect yet, there's some more steps that are really going to make this look old but you could see, it's starting to come along, you see our little nicks. We're actually going to beat it up, later on, but do all of your hutch, do your shelves, do your doors, let everything dry, we'll come back, after that, and we'll show you what's next. It is a weekend project folks, so plan ahead.