Video transcription

So now we have made it back upstairs and we have our new oven. This is just one that was rated highly in Consumer Reports. So, I recommend subscribing to Consumer Reports and get a model which scores highly on their criteria of quality assessment. So now we have the oven, it should have some, if there's any packing inside you can clean that out. Check for any cardboard, okay. So there are leveling feet on these, you need to know about that. If you can see these little feet right here that are adjustable, that's how you're going to level the stove. So I'm going to go ahead and take it off of the little packing palette. Now we have our dolly and we're ready to, for the next step, to put the new oven into the apartment. So we're going to put it underneath the, underneath the oven and, hold it just very carefully, carry it into the apartment.