Video transcription

I'm going to share with you today how to iron a pleated khakis with a cuff attached. If you don't get an immediate result go ahead pull off of the fabric let it cool down for just a second and then you can always go back. Never leave your iron in one spot for very long cause you can always damage your fabric even if you're using medium or low heat. High heat tends to break down the fibers more readily as well. The second leg we do the same we flip it over it this seems like a lot of work but if you do iron your pants in this particular order you kind of get a groove. These types of materials your polyester type of materials don't tend to result well with starch, they don't work well with starch. These are the kind of pants that if you take the out of the dryer immediately before they sit after they cool down cycles you should be able to shake them and just kind of hand iron them. The biggest thing to iron on these pants is to really set that crease in for you, once you get your pants ironed if you're not going to be wearing them immediately hang them up. Hang them up properly go ahead and match all of your seams hang them up to cool and they will be good to go when you wear them.