Video transcription

And so everybody remembers we're building this beautiful custom closet in here. The homeowner has decided they want to put their plasma TV in here, so that'll be neat. Because most of this closet will be, have doors on it, except where this TV will be, so I still think it's going to be really neat. What has to happen to get there; well you have to figure out how your TV is going to plug in, they also have a wine fridge their going to put in this closet. So we've got to take a careful look at our existing electrical. If you're trying to keep a budget, you don't want to go crazy adding circuitry; saying you knows, "we want plugs everywhere", because everything costs money. So in order to be conservative with their budget; and good news again, it seems like we keep uncovering good news here, we've got to existing 1/10 receptacles, 1/10, 2/20, electrical terms, different voltage on these. So these will get place back into the wall here. One will be for the plasma TV; one will be for the wine cooler. These are going to be run down the wall by a licensed electrician; and I'm sure there's plenty of people that can do it themselves, but exercise caution with electrical. So that electrical scope, a new 2/20 for the washer and dryer, and a new 1/10 on that wall. Behind you we'll have 3 new receptacles too. One of them will serve as his computer, because his desk is going to come over here.