Video transcription

Hi my name's Kevin and on behalf of Expert Village, I'm going to talk to you about router bits. There are an infinite number of router bits out there for just about any purpose you can think of and just about every size and shape and profile that you can think of and if there isn't you can get custom router bits made at certain places. So there's really no limit to what shape you can put on a piece of wood and also jig up with whatever you need to do. So I'm going to show you just a few of the different ones that are available just to give you a broad spectrum. And what we have here is a rabbiting bit which rides up against the wood on this bearing and then creates a rabbit with this blade right here. These are flush trim bits which ride up against the wood on the bearing here and then this blade which is a perfect plane with this bearing creates a flush surface. What we got here is some detailing bits and these create coves, round overs, details which are generally used for decoration, round overs on tables and fronts with the cove. Here's another round over bit. We've got what's called a chamfer bit. This rides on the wood here and this creates an angled profile on a table top drawers, many different things. We've got a dove tailed bit here which used with a jig, you can do dove tails in drawers and then you move up to these raised panel bits which generally go in a shaper, which is esentially a very big router with a big steel table and these generally take out a lot of material and aren't really done with a router this size, this needs a really big router for this. And generally you want to do something like this with a shaper, but this is a raised panel bit for like raised panel doors that you see in solid wood and bathrooms and kitchens and things like that.