Video transcription

We’re installing a back door threshold. Now in this one, we’re going to have to install an oak board. You want to make sure that that is oak so that it won’t rot away. And this slab slopes inward, which has caused a lot of problems with the wood rot, as you can see here, and all up through the kitchen also. So what we’re going to do is measure and cut this to install. Now since this is rotted down here, we’re actually going to bring it out all the way to the door size, not the jam size on the inside. And we’re just going to cut away at this after awhile. So you just want to measure from here all the way across and get your measurement, and lay it out on your oak board. We have some rot on the very bottom here, so instead of tearing out this whole entire door, we’re just going to mark this and cut it. And what you want to do is take your oak board, you’ll slide up against it, and we’ll take a saw in a couple of minutes and cut this out on both sides.