Video transcription

In particular today, we will be discussing how to set the MIG welding machine up to start welding. First of all you need to plug your welding machine into the proper voltage. Make sure that the machine is wired properly by an electrician, plug it into the proper receptacle at the proper voltage. Make sure that your inert gas gauge is attached firmly to the bottle and open the bottle slowly. Set the flow meter at approximately 20 cubic feet an hour and make sure that your wire, electrode, the MIG wire is fed through the drive rollers properly and run all the way over to the tip. Make sure that you have got the proper tip that the wire is fed through properly and that the gas orifices are clear and will allow the inert gas to flow properly. Make sure that your ground cable is attached firmly to your work, try to avoid having any paint or rust or grease etc. on the area where you are going to ground or on the area where you are going to weld, they will make a poor electrical connection and of course if you weld over these things the fumes can be toxic. Of course, turn the machine on, set the proper process to MIG welding, wire speed and voltage must all match. The wire diameter that you are going to use for the arc welding process, the type of weld that you want to make. Put your welding shield down, point the gun, pull the trigger and start welding. It is as simple as that. This is a very simple process.