Video transcription

In this video clip we'll be talking about relining our trimmer. First you need to remove this spool from your trimmer and take out any excess line that might be left in your spool. First you need to measure out thirty feet of line and feed those into the mounting holes and you're going to want to pull that line all the way through so that it is tight. When you are finished it should look like this so that is pulled tight and when you are finished it should look like this so that it is pulled tight. Next we are going to position one side and the top slot and one side on the bottom through our retaining slot here. After that we are going to follow these arrows in winding the string, so we are going to wind it around following the arrows until all of the chord is wind up. Once you finished winding it, it should look about this, both sides should be equally full and you probably want about four to five inches of extra line coming off. After that you want to feed your line back through the holes, replace your spool and your spool cap on top of that. After that test it out to make sure that it works.