Video transcription

in this video clip we will be turning on the water and inspecting our work. If you recall from the beginning of our problem we had a bathtub faucet that leaked, our first point of inspection is just to take a look at the faucet and watch it for a little while to see if any drips comes out. If there is drips that come out we're going to have to go back and retightened all of our handles and our seals, and all our stems, and seats. Our next inspection point is to make sure that the water flows smoothly and the faucets work properly. So go ahead and turn them on and give them a try. Everything seems to be working pretty good on that end. Then next thing we need to check is to make sure that there's no drips and there's not water coming out from our faucet handle itself, if there is that means that something wasn't tightened correctly inside. Lastly since the tub faucet was change out as well we need to check all of our joints here to make sure that there's no water coming through there.