Video transcription

in this video clip we'll be removing our insert. Our next step is to remove this insert here, this is what houses the o-ring that helps make that seal nice and tight. So if my initial assessment is correct once we pull this out the components probably won't look very good. In most applications you should be able to use these tubs and showers socket kits what they are they are different size sockets that will fit in and allow you to take out this insert. Now because this house is almost 30 years old that means that the faucets have been in here for almost 30 years and I felt that I would need just a little bit more muscle to take these out so I'm using a 15/16 deep socket with a half inch ratchet. Now unfortunately when I put my socket on my faucet sticks out to far than I can't get in there and grab a hold of that nut in there. So what I'm going to have to do is take a hacksaw and cut this off and make it just a little bit shorter. And now I put my socket in there all the way and grab on to what I need to. Next we need to go ahead and attempt to get this off. Once that's loose we can finish taking it out by hand. As I look at my components it does look like there's a significant ware.