Video transcription

Hi, this is Jon and in this clip we will be installing our fixture box. Now, with the can light that we pulled out, the diameter is about six inches. However, the diameter for our mounting plate is only about four inches. Now, because our opening is so large, there's a couple different options that we can do. First, we just have a box that we'll nail directly into one of our ceiling joists and secondly, we have a box, with a bracket, that we can have span between those two ceiling joists. Now, on one of our lights, we were able to use that box with the brackets and span that between the ceiling joists. The tricky part was just getting up there and actually nailing it in. The thing that we ran into with our second light is that we have our duct work running between those ceiling joists so we couldn't get up there and span that brace across those joists because that duct work would get in the way. Our alternate box has nails which you just set the box up against your joist and you nail those nails in and that will secure it up in the ceiling. Our next step is just to feed our wires through our newly installed box.