Video transcription

Hi, this is John on behalf of Expert Village. In this video clip I'll be talking about loading our Brad Nailer. You always want to read all the warning labels that came with your tool before you use it. This one specifies that you have to hook up the air hose first. First we're going to depress our cartridge release, which is going to allow us to get into our magazine. Once we pull that back all the way, we now have full access to our magazine where we put different types of brad nails in. Next we need to place our nails into our magazine, you'll notice that there are several different groves, you need to make sure that the nail head is sitting in those groves. It'll slide along in the grove, but it won't be able to jump outside of that grove. Now according to the specs you can put 110 nails in at a time, it's not necessary to count them, just make sure there's a comfortable amount. Obviously now I don't have room to put anymore so I would leave that clip out. Lastly go ahead and close that magazine until it clicks.