Video transcription

In this video clip I will be talking about how to cover up water stains. If you ever had water damage you might have signs of water staining on the ceiling. Now if we just paint over that with ceiling paint there is a good chance that it would still show through or even maybe 6 months down the road it would start showing through. We are going to use a product called kilz. What you do is you paint it on just like regular paint and it will cover up that stain and it won't ever allow it to come through. When we paint this on we are just going to roll it and we will notice a dramatic change right away. Now this is going to remain this color white and it is not going to let that stain back through. Now as you could see we are having some of the plaster come off the ceiling which is typical when you have water problems like this a lot of times if you just continue to paint over it you could cover up what will come off. And you won't notice it.