Video transcription

Hello! I'm Daniel. In this clip we're going to be talking about what not to do when trying to secure a sliding glass door in your home. All too often people will stick a wooden dowel or even a metal dowel in the door. Or occasionally, we'll see someone buy one of those locks that pivots; it hooks onto the door here and you simply fold it up of fold it down to lock it into place. The problem with either one of these is that the sliding glass door may not slide open, but it will still lift out. If you've seen a sliding glass door installed, they simply 2 large suction cups, stick them right to the glass, and lift it. It lifts right out of the tracks and someone could walk right in your home. Doesn't matter if the primary lock is locked or not. It doesn't matter if there's a dowel, because they're simply bypassing that. So whenever you want to secure a door, even for a short period of time, make sure you don't go with the dowel, because it really has no purpose in securing a sliding glass door.