Video transcription

I'm going to show you how to clean and maintain your oven. For getting out the really stubborn baked on stains we're going to use some baking soda and water. Just like we cleaned our stove top we're going to sprinkle a little bit of the baking soda onto our stubborn stain. Using a wet sponge we're going to it's going to create a little bit of a paste and we're going to use that for scrubbing this off. By using the baking soda you don't have to worry about any caustic chemicals you have to use a little bit more elbow grease than what you might of for other things. But you can see that it is getting some of that stain out and it's going to take a little bit work and certainly a little bit more water in there. But this is ultimately the most gentle way to clean your oven of course you want to be very careful what chemicals you use. Because any residue which is left behind is going to be baked into your food once you turn the oven on and stick your next meal in there. You want to be careful about what chemicals you use also depending on what your ovens manual says you might be able to use something different. But this is a good safe bet for all ovens.