Video transcription

In this video clip we'll be sealing cracks in concrete. If you take a look at this concrete you'll notice that over the years several cracks have formed. Now during the winters snow and water will get inside of there and then it will freeze which will cause it to expand and crack even more. So if we can seal that up now then there is less likely of a chance that moisture will get in there and cause it to crack worst. Now I'm going to be using a product called Vulkem 45 and this will help seal up the concrete, in addition it will help hold it together and it will flex if the concrete flexes also. I'm just going to apply a little bit to each crack and I'm going to let that soak in just for a minute or so. Next I'm going to take a putty knife and just kind of work it into the concrete a little bit. Continue this for the rest of all of your cracks, when it dries it should hold it together and keep any moisture from getting inside of it.