Video transcription

Hi! I am Drew Fenn professional home inspector. Today, we are going to install a shower head and I will show you how and the video is produced by Black Dog Video. You can visit on the internet. The inserts that we will put inside the wall and then we have to screws. Once this is in the wall we will run the screw in here to secure it. We will insert at this end, you have to tap it gently till we get flushed with the surface. What we are going to be doing is we are going to put a washer over here to seal. We have the screw in there with the washer on, inside the bar. I would like to put some sealant around it. A silicone sealant to keep the water out and it also helps hold the washer that is going to be between there. When you insert the screw the washer in here. It goes right into the wall. You can screw that in…Okay! So, we have got that all secured in there. I did not tight it completely I wanted just a little loose because we have not marked the bottom one, so we have got that screw a little loose and now we can mark the bottom one and you can drill that.