Video transcription

Today we are going to talk about how to use and maintain a chainsaw. Now if we have a steel for instance in many other ones, here's my old steel saw, to start it we have an on/off switch that we have to turn on. There's a manual choke here that we have to lift it up and also on many chainsaws, you've got to pull the gas on and on this one has a button you push in and that will keep a minimal idle. Check with your owner's manual but that is how most of them are done and again, you want to make sure that everything is clear, the chain, good handle on it, your foot sets in the base; obviously you are standing and then you can pull and start it. So that is basically how you start it. Make sure before you start any of this that you know how to turn it off. This particular one has a switch to push down and the Husky has one you push down also. Be familiar with it before you start it.