Video transcription

Hi! I'm Drew Finn and I am here for I am a professional home inspector and I am going to show you how to install a ceiling fan today. We've turned the power on and here's the final test; we've got power, it's running. What we are going to check for when it gets up to speed, is some wobble. A little bit starting up. We don't want it wobbling because it could get out of balance and hit the ceiling or whatever. The wobbling will wear the bearings quicker and stuff so we want to take care of the wobble. So what we will do is turn off the fan and then we are going to check the blade heights. Now we are checking the blades heights. They should be within an 1/8 inch. I am going from the peak. Since it's a sloped roof, it is a little more difficult. We are 13 ½ on that one; careful not to wobble it. Now we are about 13 so that one needs to come down a little bit. It's about 13; maybe the other needs to go up. That's 13, that's 13; trying not to push the fan up and down while we do the measurement. That one is a little low. Okay, so what we'll do is we will go through on these and we will mark each one and shim it like I said before when we were just demonstrating it. We will put a small washer in there to move the blade down or move the blade up; put two washers here and we will get it all balanced out.