Video transcription

Hi! I am Drew Finn, we are going to talk about how to clean and maintain your refrigerator. Okay as we can see in here we have got a lot of dust on these coils, it is going to cut down the efficiency quite a bit and increase our cooling cost substantially. I am going to vacuum off the heavier stuff, and then I am going to brush it with this to get it really clean. So bear with me when I vacuum it off. Now I have gotten the top grate pretty clean, I have got a back one, that is what this is for, so you can squeeze it and get that cleaned off. Some of the grates are flattish and it is easy to use this type of brush with that. So what we are going to do is go in there and loosen up in the places we can get, and get the dust on that back coil also, and then we are vacuum in to get what we can get. Now we have cleaned off this coil, and it is going to really make my electric bill go down, there is no question about it by getting that heavy grime off the dust and this… every three months at least you should do this if you are really good cleaner and you keep the floors as clean, so that you do not get much dust in there. If you have pets that have fur I would do this every month. So clean it off, same as you would do in a window air-conditioner, but I know it is obviously you got to be very gentle, because it has thin nails that can bend over. This heat exchanger and the coils that in there are very rigid so you do not have to worry about damaging them.