Video transcription

Hi I am Drew Fendy, master home inspector. I have been inspecting for over 24 years. Okay, we have gotten the wire coming down from the panel. We will pull through as much as we need to make it to our box and then we can wire the receptacle up above and then we will do the final step and tie into electrical box. We are going to wire into the box. We have got these safely identified as not electrically hot. You have got a wire from up around the first floor coming down through, you have to strip it back like we did before. When you done in any box it has got to hangout at least six inches off the box so that there is plenty of room to work with. Now, these were going to strip back a little further than when we did on the wire gauges for the other one. We have got to feed it down through the box again. Bend it back so you can get it down and remember when we insert the insulation through we want it to come down about a half inch into the box. Screw the wire knot, set that down, the grounds are a little long so clip that off to make all the wires in the box in same length. So you get the wires all lined up there you just put the wire knot on twist it until it is tight. We have got a good connection. We repeat the same thing for the white and the black, put it together, put the wire knot on, tighten it down tight. So we have got them all three wired in. We just dress them back, so that it is still neat in the box, not just jammed in and we can put the cover back on.