Video transcription

Hi I am Drew Fendy, master home inspector. I have been inspecting for over 24 years. Okay, we are ready to install the outlet ground fault interrupter remember our coating before we blacked the brass, silver for the white and green for the ground. So we are going to insert the wire. Then we insert the white wire and we tighten it up, and make sure they are good and snug. The ground wire we need to bend it over and get it so it is in a clock wards position from the ground screw,. Hook it on and tighten the screw. Remember it is going to be clockwise so when it tends to tighten, it tightens tight. When you are all done it should have contact around at least three-quarters of the screw should have the wire underneath it. So no we have got all wired correctly and again in the box we do not want to just jam it in. We want to bend the wires and get them up, bend them down, bend them up and this way, bend them again, they will slide in real nice. You should put it in a little bit of angle and line up the screws up top, screws down below and we secure little bit on the top, little bit on the bottom, finish the top. Do not tighten it all the way yet and let it a little loose so we can still move it around. We have one last adjustment, make sure everything is nice and vertical.