Video transcription

If you want to replace your regular switch with a dimmer switch, it’s simple to do, and it will also improve your lighting options. The first thing you want to do is remove your cover plate, which is very simple, just removing the screws. And you want to make sure you’ve cut the power off at the breaker, because you don’t want to touch anything in here until you’ve done so. The next thing you’ll want to do is remove the switch by simply loosening these screws - it helps to have a power screwdriver but it’s not necessary. I don’t have much wire to work with here in this old house, but you would normally have excess wire which would allow you to pull the switch out. and then you would detach the wires from the side of this switch by loosening these screws. Once you detach the wires, you just want to straighten the ends so that you can attach the wires on the dimmer switch to it. In most houses, you’ll have a white wire and a black wire. In this old house, there are no such things. But it doesn’t matter when you’re installing a dimmer because it can go to either wire. You’re going to attach them with these wire nuts, which you simply twist the wires together and you twist the wire nuts over each connection. <P> Once you’ve done so, you’ll simply fold up the excess wires, push them to the back so that you have room to put this in there, and then everything is just in reverse. You’ll put the screws back in the same holes that the old switch came out of. And then you’ll simply put the knob back on, turn on the power at the breaker, which I’ve already done, and you have light.