Video transcription

Here we have our smooth edge can opener. I say smooth edge because it does not leave a rugged edge around the lid as you open it. This would be safe for children to use in the kitchen. It is also wireless so you don't have to worry about electricity. If you want to put it in a safe emergency you can always be able to open those cans. It just simply fits right onto the lid of your can. You can feel it on there, it is even nice and tight. It is nice you can just simply easily turn. You turn it all the way around until it clicks and you would now that you have made a full circle you can feel the release. What you do once you have finished opening it on the side they have a nice little pinch handle. You take it right down, make sure that you get it on the edge and it simply lifts it right off. No sharp edges to cut and you go right on into your ingredients. Wash and care of your flat smooth can opener is just dishwasher safe or warms soapy water in the sink.